Forthcoming edited collection: Lifestyle Media in Asia

Fran Martin and Tania Lewis (eds). Lifestyle Media in Asia: Consumption, Aspiration and Identity (Routledge: 2016, Oxford UK).

About the book

Across Asia, consumer culture is increasingly shaping everyday life, with neoliberal economic and social policies increasingly adopted by governments who see their citizens as individualised, sovereign consumers with choices about their lifestyles and identities. One aspect of this development has been the emergence of new wealthy middle classes with lifestyle aspirations shaped by national, regional and global media – especially by a range of new popular lifestyle media, which includes magazines, television and mobile and social media. This book explores how far everyday conceptions and experiences of identity are being transformed by media cultures across the region. It considers a range of different media in different Asian contexts, contrasting how the shaping of lifestyles in Asia differs from similar processes in Western countries, and assessing how the new lifestyle media represents not just a new emergent media culture, but also illustrates wider cultural and social changes in the Asian region.

Table of contents:

  1. Preface: Rethinking Consumption in Economic Recessionary East Asia, Chua Beng Huat
  2. Introduction: Media, Consumption and Asian Modernities, Fran Martin and Tania Lewis
  3. Neoliberal Capitalism and Media Representation in Korean Television Series: Subversion and Sustainability, Sun Jung
  4. Home, Aesthetic Authority and Class Identity in the Shadow of Neoliberal Modernity: The Cultural Politics of China’s Exchanging Spaces, Wu Jing
  5. Biocitizenship from Above and Below: Health Cultivation and Life Nurturance through Media in China, Wanning Sun
  6. The Pink Ribbon Campaign in a Chinese Fashion Magazine: Celebrity, Health Experts and Lifestyle, Yue Gao
  7. Empresses in the Palace and the Production of Working Subjects in Taiwan, Fang-chih Irene Yang
  8. Media Cosmopolitanism and Modernity: Asian Women in Transnational Flows, Youna Kim
  9. Differential (Im)mobilities: Imaginative Transnationalism in Taiwanese Women’s Travel TV, Fran Martin
  10. Locating Mobile Lifestyles: Cross-Generational Locative Media in Tokyo, Fumitoshi Kato, Kana Ohashi, Larissa Hjorth and Heather Horst
  11. Dishing up Diversity? Class, Aspirationalism and Indian Food Television, Tania Lewis
  12. Islam’s got Talent: Lifestyle Television and the Muslim Social Imaginary, Bart Barenregt and Chris Hudson